I am a game developer currently working for the government and a part-time post-grad student at Edith Cowan University currently undertaking honours research. I have a diverse set of skills for creating games, applications and projects. Some of my work is below.

Feel free to contact me at roydonwagner0 (at) gmail (dot) com.



Prototype concept for a skirmish miniatures wargame.

Pandora's Signal

Pandora's Signal was part of an independent study into how humans wayfind in 3D game spaces. The game is set in a mountainous region of Siberia and takes place after most of the population has died suddenly from mysterious radio signals. Pandora's Signal was created in the Unity game engine and is available for PC and Mac.

3D Modelling & Animation

These models were made in Maya. You can see my machinasaur model animated on youtube.

The stairwell is an accurate measured model of an actual stairwell at Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley campus in building 3.

Peasant Quest

Peasant Quest is a comedic 2+ player card game where you take the role of a peasant struggling to survive in a stereotypical fantasy setting.


Some concept and life drawings.


Two Flash applications I have programmed in actionscript 3.0. BitAntSim is a simulation that experiments with the concept of swarm artificial intelligence where individual ants train each other to find food efficiently.

Nute's Adventure's in Nomland was a project created for a client who wanted to teach children healthy eating habits.

Web Designs

Some web and graphic designs I've done.